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Our Mission

The digital platform for product transparency

We transform your proven impact into a USP.

Our Mission

The digital platform for product transparency

Team photo of all 11 team members, all wearing their Seedtrace tshirts
Team photo of all 11 team members, all wearing their Seedtrace tshirts

We transform your proven impact into a USP.

Our Statement

Our goal is to make sustainable consumption the norm - rather than the exception. We envision a future in which every product can be traced back to its roots. Where the people making the products we consume do profit from their work without harming our planet.

The problem to solve

Inspired by the the great pride farmers took in their sustainable production processes and opportunities created for their communities in Kenya, Malawi and South Africa, Kathi (CEO of Seedtrace) discovered an overarching problem.

Many sustainable businesses and farmers are lacking the tools to actually tell the full story of their products. To enable these at scale, a technological solution was needed and the idea of Seedtrace was born.

To us, transparency is the key to sustainable production and consumption and we are working hard to give companies the right tools to achieve exactly that. Companies are using our platform to manage, prove and communicate social and environmental impact to their customers and consumers.

Our Team

Portrait of Katharina Elisa Davids

Katharina Elisa Davids

CEO, Co-Founder & Product Manager

Katharina spent the last years building tech ventures and founding her own NGO. At Seedtrace, she runs our product management from development to go-to-market stage. She is also a music producer and DJ.

Portrait of Ana Selina Haberbosch

Ana Selina Haberbosch

CEO, Co-Founder & Sales Manager

Ana has experience ranging from real estate to big data and risk management. She focuses on sales and business development, while never leaving our impact goals and long-term strategy out of sight. In her free time, you can find her rocking the dance floor or lecturing at university.

Portrait of Joakim Ljungren

Joakim Ljungren

Product Designer

Joakim is our UX & UI specialist, who values thoughtful design and ensures product development is anchored to user needs. Besides, he is also a sustainability advocate and contemporary dancer.

Portrait of Simon Schütze

Simon Schütze

Frontend Developer

Simon is a web developer who strives to create products with a positive social and ecological impact. He is also a famous band guitarist and fitness freak.

Portrait of Lukas Alberto Belck

Lukas Alberto Belck

Backend Developer

Lukas has studied Control Automation Engineering at the Federal University of Santa Catarina in Florianópolis, Brazil. He has mainly worked for several research institutes from Brazil and Germany (CERTI and Fraunhofer IPT) in partnership with private companies as a developer. He will be working at the backend division at Seedtrace alongside Jonathan in the tech team.

Portrait of Alina Fischer

Alina Fischer

Working Student in Marketing and Project Management

Alina is a Master student in Entrepreneurship and Sustainability. She prefers to work in an innovative and entrepreneurial environment, and wants to make the world a little bit better with her work. Besides, she likes to travel, read science-fiction books and drink coffee with her friends.

Portrait of Carl Röber

Carl Röber

Senior Frontend Developer

Carl is a  computer enthusiast and he studied computer science. 6 years ago he started working in a small startup as a web developer and worked in different companies in the real estate sector since then. As a full-heart coder, you will find him writing very neat clean code and building great consumer experiences, even in his free time.

Portrait of Nina Pachur

Nina Pachur

Sales Manager

Nina has many years of experience in innovative projects along global supply chains in consulting, project management and sales. Nina's insatiable curiosity sets her apart - whether on a road trip off the beaten path or turning every detail upside down when it comes to fair supply chains.

Portrait of Benjamin Wiernowolski

Benjamin Wiernowolski

Marketing Working Student

Benjamin is a Bachelor student in Entrepreneurship dedicated to Lifestyle Brands. He is a skilled freelance copywriter, photographer, oh, and an all around people person. Beyond work, catch him relishing pasta in the company of friends at Prenzlauer Berg, a testament to his vibrant social life.

Portrait of Rick

Rick Mcllraith

Senior Backend Developer

Rick embodies the engineer’s mindset of being deeply interested in understanding how things work with a passion for solving problems that address the needs of humanity and the planet as a whole. He is also an avid yoga practitioner who likes to travel, surf, and experience good food and music.


Blue and green logo of the SIA Impact Awards

SIA Impact Award

Seedtrace won the SIA Award 2022 (Sustainable Investment in Action) in the category of responsible consumption. Thanks to Koa for partnering with us on this impactful project about tracing cocoa back to its roots and proving fair payments to farmers with the help of blockchain technology.

Blue and green logo of InNOWvate Supply Chain Event

InNOWvate Supply Chain Event

Seedtrace was among the top 3 finalists out of the 200 pre-selected startups for the InNOWvate Supply Chain Contest.

Black and purple logo of FoodTech Matters

FoodTech Matters

Seedtrace was among the FoodTech Matters London finalists and one of the Tech Talents 2020.

Supported by

Logo of the Social Entrepreneurship Network Germany

SEND (Social Entrepreneurship Network Germany)

A network of entrepreneurs and social start-ups from all over Germany working towards tackling social challenges together.

Green and brown logo of the initiative

German Initiative on Sustainable Cocoa

A network of over 70 members from different sectors, including government bodies, industry representatives, retailers, and civil society organizations, aiming at improving cocoa farmer livelihoods and promoting sustainable cocoa production.

Blue logo of the Good Food Collective

Good Food Collective

A network of companies that put impact before profit and help each other to develop further and turn best practice into common practice.

Black logo of the Impact Factory

Impact Factory

A network of 300 selected members from impact businesses to social entrepreneurs. We can't wait to get to connect and work with their amazing network of experts who also believe a different world is possible.

Together, we can

change the world

We really care about what we do. We’re passionate about our product, the impact it can drive, and we genuinely want to make the world a better place.

By making Seedtrace the gold standard in supply chain transparency, we together can push companies to be transparent about how their products were made - enabling consumers to make more conscious buying decisions.

Portrait of the two co-founders Ana and Katharina