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February 27, 2024

Supply Chain Trends 2024

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In the food and agriculture branch, events like BIOFACH and CHOCOA serve as vital platforms for learning about what is moving the industry. The recent editions of these fairs have provided invaluable insights into the shifting paradigms and emerging trends within the global food supply chains, particularly in the realms of transparency, social impact, and sustainability with new regulations coming into play – like EUDR (European Deforestation Regulation). 

Let's delve into the key takeaways.

Promoting Sustainability and Social Impact Along Food Supply Chains

At BIOFACH, the world's largest trade fair for organic food, it was clear to see that the transformation towards cultivating provable sustainability practices has picked up speed. Lots of suppliers along the food supply chains are now actively promoting social and environmental sustainability initiatives and strategies right from the source. Companies showcased their commitment to driving tangible change by embracing sustainable practices and fostering transparency.

It takes a shift towards using primary data as well as leading examples from major players in the market. Although we still have a long way to go, we started witnessing an increasing awareness of the strategic importance of the latter in the B2B, private label, and retail markets.

A crucial aspect highlighted at the event was the significance of human-to-human connections in driving genuine impact. By actively engaging with stakeholders at the origin, food companies are gaining profound insights into the challenges and opportunities inherent in sustainable agriculture. Initiatives like Conflictfood's launch of organic saffron from Afghanistan – the first organic product ever to be exported from that country – underscore the transformative power of empowering local communities and particularly women, in conflict regions.

Navigating the Challenges for a Sustainable Cocoa Industry

CHOCOA was THE meet-up of the cocoa industry and offered a comprehensive exploration of the challenges and opportunities, with a particular focus on sustainability and transparency. The EUDR was taking center stage for all actors along the cocoa supply chain who were discussing approaches in collecting farm plot data, conducting risk analysis, and meeting due diligence requirements. Businesses exporting to the EU will need to come up with compliance strategies, emphasizing the need for collaborative efforts.

The pivotal role smallholder farmers play within the cocoa industry was another focal point at the fair. The collective presence of farmers from diverse origins underscored the importance of understanding cocoa's journey from farm to consumer. Larger companies are increasingly recognizing the need for transparency across their value chains, indicating a shift towards more holistic approaches to supply chain management.

Supply Chain Transparency is the Ultimate Goal

Amidst the challenges, both trade fairs showcased inspiring examples of innovation and collaboration to drive positive change in the food industry. Fair payment and food waste reduction projects like KOA exemplify the integration of sustainability, transparency, and social impact into business models. By promoting traceability, these projects are establishing new benchmarks for ethical and responsible business practices.

Let's continue these conversations and collaborations. Together, we can cultivate a world where every bite we take supports the well-being of both, people and the planet.

About EUDR

As a significant importer of products linked to deforestation, the EU has released a regulation to protect forests and their invaluable ecosystems. It applies to the key commodities cattle, palm oil, soy, cocoa, rubber, coffee, and timber and requires exporters of the likes to establish and maintain a due diligence system.

Check this blog post for more info.

Learn how Seedtrace supports you in meeting EUDR requirements.


BIOFACH in Nuremberg is the world's leading trade fair for organic food and products. It serves as a prominent platform for organic food producers, suppliers, retailers, and other stakeholders to showcase their products, exchange knowledge, and discuss trends and developments in the organic food industry. Around 35,000 trade visitors from 128 countries attended the event. They were inspired by the diverse range of products and services offered by a total of 2,550 exhibitors from 94 countries.


CHOCOA is part of the Amsterdam Cocoa Week and attracted a total of 2,500 attendees, an increase of 150% compared to the previous edition. Overall, there were 172 exhibitors from 39 countries including cocoa suppliers from different countries of origin and buyers of cocoa and service providers.

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