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January 31, 2024

New paths in food services: Transparency on the plate

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Revolutionizing Food Services: A Journey of Transparency on the Plate

In a groundbreaking initiative during Veganuary, we partnered up with Dussmann, a leading food service and catering company, to bring transparency to the supply chain of the plant-based schnitzel by Planted. This project not only introduces a special meal choice in over 60 Dussmann-operated staff restaurants throughout Germany but also allows visitors to trace the journey of the plant-based schnitzel from the procurement of basic ingredients to the finished dish through a simple QR code scan.

The Veganuary Project

Our collaboration with Dussmann and Planted marks a significant milestone in the quest for transparency in the food industry. According to Christian Hamerle, Head of Food Service Innovation at Dussmann, the project reflects the growing importance people place on understanding the origin of their food. While not yet a legal requirement in Germany, the project aligns with similar regulations in Austria and Switzerland.

"We are deliberately going one step further," says Christian. "Consumer decisions are increasingly made based on supply chain transparency, in addition to ingredients and nutritional values."

Planted's Sustainable Approach

Planted, a food tech company, produces its plant-based "Schnitzel Wiener Art" in Switzerland using 87% less greenhouse gases and 90% less water than its meat-based equivalent. This was determined by Eaternity, an independent expert in life cycle assessments. The complete production chain of Planted's schnitzel, along with social and ecological impact factors, is made traceable by the Seedtrace platform. Our platform also enables proof of fair payment in cultivation areas, particularly relevant for products like cocoa, coffee, and nuts.

Ana Selina Haberbosch, our CEO and Co-Founder, emphasizes the role of transparency in building fairer and more sustainable food supply chains. "Transparency is the key, and it's only possible through appropriate cooperation between all stakeholders," she explains.

Challenges and Future Perspectives

Despite the strides made by this initiative, hurdles remain. Complex supply chains and the lack of legal requirements for disclosure present challenges for traceability, especially for small food producers. The cooperation between the food service industry, producers, and transparency providers is a crucial first step in overcoming these challenges.

Looking Ahead: Beyond Schnitzels

The hope is that this transparency initiative will extend beyond schnitzels. Lukas, from Planted, envisions adding more products to the Seedtrace platform, further promoting and advancing "transparency on the plate." As consumer awareness grows, the project sets the stage for a future where traceability becomes the norm, leading to fairer, more sustainable food systems.

In conclusion, the Veganuary Transparency Project is not just about changing the way we eat; it's about revolutionizing the entire food service industry. By embracing transparency, stakeholders are paving the way for a more informed and conscious dining experience – one plate at a time.

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